Volunteers Needed!

As has been noted in our Newsletter the past couple of weeks, our annual excursion to provide a picnic for the special needs kids and their care givers at Camp Merrywood is August 2nd and we have asked for volunteers to come and help.

Since some may have noted that request with the intention of replying later, I am sending a special request again asking for volunteers. We need 4 people to man the BBQ's and at least 4 to get the buns ready, load the pop in the ice tubs, etc.

The Camp Merrywood routine is that we meet at the Branch and go in cars to the Smiths Falls Legion for around 2 pm and wait there for the call from the camp that the kids are up from their naps and we can proceed.

If you can go, especially if you can cook, please reply to me directly at this email address.

Thank you
Jim Simpson
President Strathcona 595

Lest we forget...Lest we forget

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