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Robbie Burns Day
January 20th, 2018


Message from the President
For many years now, our Strathcona Branch has had the very important role of providing a team responsible for crowd logistics (escorting, guiding, assisting, directing etc.) during the Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Cenotaph on November 11. In the last two issues of the Newsletter we have asked for members to add their names to the pool of persons who can be available for this task. The reason being that as time has gone by the number of persons in the pool has decreased considerably. The only response to this request so far has been from some regulars who are already in the pool re-confirming their availability.

So now the nature of the request must change because at this time we are short three persons necessary to carry out our responsibilities on the 11th. In case you have been thinking about signing up but are wondering what the procedure is, here is what happens. You meet at the Branch and about 09:00 you are transported to the Cenotaph by limousine. You are given an arm band to indicate you are there officially and then you are given directions on what you should do. After the ceremony and the official parties have left, you are transported back to the Branch by limousine. You should have reasonably good legs as you will be standing or walking during your time there. As previously noted all you really need is a Legion beret but if you have served and have medals you would of course wear those on your coat.

So how about it members? Can we get a response to this request this week so we can tell the organizers that once again Strathcona is available for duty? Fire off an email to saying “I’ll be there” or asking questions if you have any.

Branch 595 member Comrade David McEvoy was recently hailed as a hero, when he was able to help save the life of a local baby. The following story is from the CBC on September 15, 2017.

David McEvoy and Geraldina Carvelho both helped save the life of a seven-week-old girl when they spotted the baby in distress at the side of the road Thursday.
(Mathieu Theriault/Radio-Canada)

Two local heroes who saved a seven-week-old girl on the side of an Ottawa road Thursday are urging others to learn the same life-saving skills.

Geraldina Carvalho was driving home around 3:15 p.m. from her shift at the Perley Rideau Veterans' Health Centre when she saw a group of people at the side of St. Laurent Boulevard. A woman was holding a baby, and something about the child made her pull over. "When I went close it was purple, I don't feel his pulse, his heart was beating very slow," she said.

Carvalho, a personal support worker, started CPR. Shortly after, bylaw officer David McEvoy, who happens to be a CPR instructor, spotted the scene and also pulled over. He took over chest compressions on the baby girl. "I ventilated, did the chest compressions. It felt like forever," McEvoy said. The baby started to move, and then she went limp again. It took several rounds of CPR before her chest began rising and falling again.

'I'm glad I stopped'
After emergency responders showed up Carvalho and McEvoy went home. They both watched the news anxiously that night hoping for an update on the baby's condition. Thanks to them, she was ok. "I'm glad I stopped and I did the right thing," said Carvalho.

The pair had never met before they met at the side of the road, but they said they share an inherent need to help others. Now they want to encourage other people to do the same. They said the first step is to learn first-aid skills. "It doesn't matter if you just know a little bit or a lot. Do something," McEvoy said. "We did something and it made a difference for parents today who are able to hold their daughter."

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Lest we forget...Lest we forget

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